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REMOVABLE BEDS and FURNITURE for multipurpose camper vans

Installed without tools and with no need to go through any vehicle inspection


Choose your KIT and within 15 working days you will receive it fully finished and adapted to your van model. You will be able to install it easily, without instructions and without altering your van. With the self-installing kits, you may convert your van into a camper van as delivered from the factory, without altering it and with no need to go through any inspection to get it approved.

It is very important that you see our videos, where we explain our patent and why our products do not need to go through any inspection.

Multipurpose camper VAN

  • Select your van
  • Choose your favourite kit
  • We will send within 15 working days
  • You can install it yourself in a few minutes
  • Patented anchoring system
  • No tools required
  • No need to go through any vehicle inspection
  • Your van as delivered from the factory

Multipurpose camper VAN

With the Furgomania self-installing kits, you do not need to leave your home to camperize your van. You need no special tools or a specific place to assemble the furniture.

“Our kits for camperizing vans are designed so that you do not need to go to a garage or have one at home”


Furgomania designs the furniture and beds for vans that will be mounted later in each model. We make the initial designs and then supervise the entire manufacturing process from beginning to end at the various independent factories with which we work. This manufacturing system guarantees the high-quality finish of our products, since each item is manufactured by specialist companies of the sector. We make a follow-up of each item and end with a quality control of each self-installing kit. All items are produced with state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and computer-aided machines, which ensures that each kit is manufactured with pinpoint accuracy. As a result, you will enjoy a van camperized with a kit that fits perfectly and that will convert your vehicle into a camper van in just minutes. We only develop removable beds and furniture for vans based on our patented SELF-INSTALLING KIT.


All our products have a 2-year warranty, with no “small print”. Customers have direct contact with Furgomania and with the manufacturers at all times, which offers them the peace of mind of knowing that any incident may be solved personally and directly. This is our best guarantee, dealing directly with the designer and the manufacturer of the furniture and beds for vans. Within 15 working days of your purchase, you will receive your camper kit with the furniture ordered for your van. You may try it for another 15 days and, if you are not satisfied, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price without questions or excuses. For this, you must contact us and we will pick up the parcel as soon as possible. After we receive the parcel at our premises, your money will be refunded automatically. Many of our items of furniture and beds for vans are displayed at the showrooms of renowned car brand dealers. Furgomania guarantees that you will receive a camper kit with an outstanding finish. High-quality furniture and beds for camper vans that will notably improve the appearance of your van interior